Better a smart ass than an ignorant pachyderm

Here’s a room full of men cheering their plan to strip maternity and newborn care

DAILY KOS | Donald Trump and Mike Pence met with the far-right House Freedom Caucus to try to make Trumpcare happen on Thursday. Setting aside Trumpcare’s apparent death spiral following that meeting, consider what this meeting looked like and what they were trying to do here. The Freedom Caucus wanted to strip little requirements that insurance policies cover like maternity and newborn care, hospitalization, preventive care, emergency room services, and pediatric care. Keep Reading

Putin carries Trump (Donkeyhotey)

Sen. John McCain Calls for New Select Committee to Investigate Russian Interference

DAILY KOS | After Nunes going rogue today, there’s at least one Republican Senator calling for some action.  McCain wants a select committee to investigate. He believes Congress has lost all credibility.… Congress no longer has the credibility to independently tackle a probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and President Trump and his associates’ ties to Moscow, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Wednesday. Keep Reading

Trump is laughing at the stupid American Workers who voted for him

Secret Service asked for $60 million extra for Trump-era travel and protection, documents show

THE WASHINGTON POST | The U.S. Secret Service requested $60 million in additional funding for the next year, offering the most precise estimate yet of the escalating costs for travel and protection resulting from the unusually complicated lifestyle of the Trump family, according to internal agency documents reviewed by The Washington Post. Keep Reading

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