Better a smart ass than an ignorant pachyderm

Trump, the Unready King
Donald Trump

Donald the Unready

PAUL KRUGMAN, THE NEW YORK TIMES | […] Mr. Trump hasn’t pivoted, matured, whatever term you prefer. He’s still the insecure, short-attention-span egomaniac he always was. Worse, he is surrounding himself with people who share many of his flaws — perhaps because they’re the sort of people with whom he is comfortable. Keep Reading

Trump is laughing at the stupid American Workers who voted for him

Trump team prepares dramatic cuts

THE HILL | Donald Trump is ready to take an ax to government spending. Staffers for the Trump transition team have been meeting with career staff at the White House ahead of Friday’s presidential inauguration to outline their plans for shrinking the federal bureaucracy, The Hill has learned. The changes they propose are dramatic. Keep Reading

Burning the Constitution

Donald Trump has assembled the worst Cabinet in American history

PAUL WALDMAN, THE WASHINGTON POST | Any time a new administration comes into office, there will be some complaining about the new president’s cabinet picks. But we’re seeing something extraordinary happening now. Donald Trump’s cabinet brings with it a combination of ethical problems, inexperience, hostility to the missions of the departments its members are being called to lead, and plain old ignorance that is simply unprecedented. Keep Reading

Donald Trump: The American Little Fingers

Are You Not Alarmed?

CHARLES M. BLOW, THE NEW YORK TIMES | I continue to be astonished that not enough Americans are sufficiently alarmed and abashed by the dangerous idiocies that continue to usher forth from the mouth of the man who will on Friday be inaugurated as president of the United States. Keep Reading

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