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Hillary & Liz in Cincinnati (video screenshot)

Elizabeth Warren: ‘There’s no ambiguity here,’ Clinton opposes TPP, has a ‘progressive agenda’

DAILY KOS | Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) did not allow NBC’s Chuck Todd to implicate that Hillary Clinton was anything but opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership when he questioned her about what conventional wisdom says is the part of the debate Donald Trump didn’t whiff—on trade deals. Stressing that Clinton is running  on “the most progressive agenda in history,” Warren told Todd she had no concerns on trade. Keep Reading

Trump the money-grubber
Corruption/Donald Trump

Trump Could Be in Big Trouble

TPM | Our reporter Tierney Sneed spent the day reporting on the latest information on the Trump Foundation. We now have clear evidence of self-dealing in the payouts made by the Foundation and as of yesterday pretty clear evidence that Trump has used the Foundation to avoid paying taxes on income. The combination could spell real legal trouble for Trump, possible even criminal penalties. Keep Reading

Seth Meyer Ridicules Trump's Debate Performance
Donald Trump/Elections/Opinion

Seth Meyers Ridiculed Trump’s Failure to Meet Toddler Expectations

ESQUIRE | Unlike Donald Trump, Seth Meyers spent a lot of time focusing on debate preparation last night. Meyers highlighted the ridiculous expectations game the campaigns played—particularly Trump’s, who seemed to indicate he should be subjected to the same standards as a toddler. (Sit still; don’t yell about Monica Lewinsky.) He also pointed out that the media responded to this artificial expectation setting exactly as the Trump campaign wanted it to. MSNBC, for instance, said one of Trump’s goals for winning the debate was to “stop lying.” Keep Reading

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